Smart Cockspur Window Handle 9mm – 21mm Step Height Left Right

Smart Cockspur Lug 9mm – 21mm up-stand lug locking window handles, left and right handed. The cockspur window handle is available in white, polished gold, polished chrome, and black color finishes in both left and right hands, with purpose designed cockspur lug wedges to fit most profiles. May be used on Upvc, aluminium, and even wood with cockspur cocklug handles.



Smart Cockspur Handed Left & Right Window Handles With Locking Lug  9mm – 21mm Step Height Range

Cockspur lug locking cockspur upvc window lock handles can be used to replace practically any double glazed window handle with a comparable type. Simply check the handing required, and because the handles come with purpose-made pieces to achieve stack heights ranging from 9mm to 21mm, they may be used with practically any system, including Upvc, aluminium, and even timber utilizing cock-spur lug handles. May be used on aluminium and steel windows, as well as windows in caravans.

  • Colour Finish: White, Polished Gold, Polished Chrome, & Black
  • Stack Heights Achieved: 9mm, 13mm, 17mm & 21mm
  • Handing: Left & Right. Please see drawings to check handing required
  • Comes with cover cap and key (fixing screws not included)

Most double glazed cockspur window handles can be replaced with handles. Simply check the handling and stack height requirements. (For further information, see the dimension drawing)

The cock-spur handles come with three various thickness wedges that are put onto and beneath the locking lug with the included purpose designed grub screws to achieve step height thicknesses of 9mm, 13mm, 17mm, and 21mm, which were all popular step heights on the market at the time.

  • No wedge fitted = 21mm
  • Thinest wedge = 17mm  (Actual wedge depth 4mm)
  • Middle wedge = 13mm   (Actual wedge depth 8mm)
  • Thickest wedge = 9mm  (Actual wedge depth 12mm)

What You Will Receive:

1 X Window handle

1 X key

1 X Cover cap

1 X Pair of grub screws

3 X Stack height packers (9mm, 13mm, 17mm & 21mm)


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