“A window is not just an opening in a wall, it is a portal to the world.”

– Richard Paul Evans

Windows and doors.

Our newest innovation, designed to bring air, light, and wide views to life, is available for new build, replacement, or remodel projects. It’s not a door in the traditional sense; it’s everything a door should be.


Take a look at our uPVC & Aluminium Doors.


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Take a look at our uPVC & Aluminium Windows.

Glass Solutions

Take a look at our Glass Solutions.

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uPVC Doors

We promise to use the highest quality and most up to date materials on the market (including uPVC, aluminium, and wooden sash doors) and will never cut corners at any time since you deserve the best. Our products have been tested by independent agencies such as the British Standards Institute, so you can be confident that all of our doors are safe and secure.

The Crosslines


uPVC Windows

Our goal is to create products that not only look great but also provide the functionality and security that our customers need to feel comfortable in their homes or businesses. We believe that by designing for people, we can create products that truly make a difference in their lives.

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Because of our years of experience and abundance of knowledge, we can provide residential and business clients with expert help and guidance for all of their window and door needs.

Style and reliability meet at your doorstep with The Crosslines uPVC doors, windows and conservatories.

Style and reliability meet at your doorstep with The Crosslines uPVC doors, windows and conservatories.

Glass Solutions

You decide which solution is ideal for you.

Our glass services are designed to meet your unique needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking to replace a broken window or install a custom glass feature, our team of experts can help. We offer a wide range of glass types, including tempered, laminated, and insulated glass, and can provide custom cuts and designs to match your specific requirements.

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