Siegenia 960 Roller Cam uPVC Striker Keep Windows or Doors

Siegenia Roller Cam 960 Striker Keep attaches the sliding roller to the window lock rod or the door lock roller cam. This keep has the number 960 imprinted on it, which provides a security and/or weather tight seal.



960 Siegenia Aubi Roller Cam Lock Upvc Keep Striker Plate to Suit Door Locks or Window Locks:

  • Overall length: 46mm
  • Overall Height: 13mm
  • Secures to frame via metal lug to reverse and fixing screw
  • The keep is made by Siegenia and has 960 stamped on it.
  • Commonly used on UPVC windows and doors as a striker keep locking plate.

What You Will Receive:

1 X Keep Striker plate


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