uPVC Door or Window Gasket Weather Draught Seal Qlon EPDM Black White

Weather sealing for Upvc Qlon doors and windows. It creates a watertight and draught-free seal between the openings and the frame. Qlon gasket nylon seal is available in black or white. The material will be sold in 6mtr increments and in continuous lengths. I:E order X2 = 12 mtrs uncut order X3 = 18 mtrs uncut and so on, up to a total length of 246 mtrs (41 qnty) The rubber bubble E.P.D.M gaskets pictured in white and black are only available in 20mtr tubs. The Black Flipper gasket is also available in 6 metre lengths.



Qlon & Rubber EPDM Upvc Door or Window Gasket Weather Draught Seal in Black or White

This Qlon gasket, as well as the rubber EPDM bubble gasket, can be used to replace old or broken rubber gaskets found on the majority of Upvc window and door profiles. The gasket fits tightly into the groove in the profile system and, when properly installed, will remain in place for years of trouble-free installation. Watertight and draught-tight seal for upvc windows and doors. The advantage of this Qlon nylon gasket seal over traditional rubberized gaskets is that it is clean and dry to the touch, making it easy to deal with and use. It does not leave a black dirty stain when cleaned, as is frequent with rubber seals.


Because of the nature of the Qlon seal, it does not shrink like old rubber seals and retains its shape and flexability for the duration of its life.

The Qlon gasket can be substantially compressed, allowing it to cover the numerous various gap seals necessary to suit the Upvc systems that have been utilised in the double glazing industry over the last two or three decades and for which original gaskets are now impossible to locate. We recommend that the Qlon gasket be compressed to 50% of its original size up to a maximum of 80% of its original size when used in situ, and that it be compressed to 20% of its original size at the very least.


  • Qlon is quick and easy to fit
  • Qlon is sold in 6Mtr quantity increments and will be supplied in a continious length. I:E order x2 = 12mtr length x3 = 18mtr and so on upto a maximum of 246 lin mtrs (order x41 Qnty) shorter increments are not available.
  • The rubber bubble gasket EPDM (white & Black) are sold in an exclusive 20mtr tub only
  • Is able to be greatly compressed for use in many variations of upvc systems
  • Due to its dry to the touch nylon seal it resists dirt & grime
  • Returns back to it’s original shape after compression
  • Will not shrink or stretch and is not affected by the UV light
  • Available in Black or White finishes
  • Easily cut to size with household scissors
  • Water tight and draught tight seal



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