Siegenia SI uPVC Tilt Turn Roller Cam Striker Keep Door And Window Fit

Si Siegenia roller striker keep to suit most types of upvc windows and has a flat universal base for ease of use and versatility.



SI Siegenia Tilt Turn Window Striker Keep Also Door Roller Cam Lock Cam Flat Universal Fit

This is a Siegenia roller cam striker keep that has been sourced to replace old broken striker keeps. It has a flat rebated base and can be used on most types of Upvc windows or doors with just minor modification to establish a suitable fixing point.

  • Type of Keep: Roller Tilt Keep
  • Fixings not included

What You Will Receive:

1 X Universal keep


The SI Siegenia roller cam keep is commonly seen on tilt turn windows as well as tilt & slide type patio doors. It has been used on many types of upvc windows and doors where a roller cam lock point is used and is specially built to take the roller cam type lock points. The keep has an open headed slot into which the roller cam lock point can move to provide a tight weather seal and secure locking point.

The keep is universal and can be used with little or no modification on any profile system or lock mechanism. Depending on the profile utilized and the situation, this keep may require packing behind or upvc upstands trimming to form to fit the various profile systems available.


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