Composite Door Locking Sash Jammer Flush Timber uPVC Security Bolt

Locking face fix sash blocker jammer bolt in white and brown. To give an additional high security locking point, it is suitable for flush fitting Upvc profiles, composite doors, and flush fitting timber doors and windows. It comes with a variety of studs and packers, as well as fixes.



Gardinia Face Fix Composite Door Sash Jammer Blocker Security Bolt White, Brown Also Suits Flush Timber & uPVC Locking

To be used on: Casement Windows and doors that are flush fitting and have the opening sash vent inside the outside frame rebate, such as composite doors Traditional timber doors and windows, as well as innovative flush type Upvc window systems, are available.

  • Colour: Choice of White, Brown
  • Locking comes with a key locking point & 1 X key

Includes stud to suit variety of materials, 2 screw cover studs, fixings & 1 x key.


The Gardinia collection of locking security sash blocking jammers has been designed specifically for current composite door systems, allowing for the secure installation of a sash jammer product for added peace of mind. The new security bolt sash jammer can also be installed on a timber door or window, as well as an upvc system with a flush opening vent rather than the more conventional upstand seen on most upvc systems.


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