ERA Door Lock Gearbox Case 45mm Backset uPVC Laird Saracen Surelock

The ERA Laird Saracen Surelock UPVC door lockcase gearbox is designed to fit the full length Saracen ERA or Surelock UPVC door lock, as well as various Cego door locks. It can also be used in UPVC Composite door locks and Wood multipoint door lock devices.



ERA Laird Saracen Surelock 45mm Backset Gear Box Lock Case Only

  • A – Spindle to Key: 92mm
  • B – Backset: 45mm
  • C – Op Type: Lever/Lever or Lever/Pad as this has a split spindle function built in
  • D – Locking Points: Connects to Locking Points
  • E – Fits Faceplate Dimensions: 16mm or 20mm faceplates (faceplate not included)

What You Will Receive:

1 X Centre Gearbox

Please keep in mind that the deadbolt used in some earlier versions of door locks was roughly 2mm narrower. If this is the case, you may need to file the slot on the faceplate to make it wider to accommodate the new replacement gearbox.


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