Siegenia Hautau SI Tilt Plate Match Metal Striker Keep Patio Tilt Turn

This is a universal SI Siegenia tilt plate striker stay that will fit most Upvc profiles or lumber and may be used to fit the Siegenia and Hautau tilt turn gear. It enables the bottom tilt pin to lock into the bottom frame, allowing the top of the opener to tilt open for air. The keep is sold in a single unit.



Siegenia or Hautau SI Type Match Tilt Slide Patio or Tilt Turn Single Striker Keep Plate

These are our custom metal tilt keep plates designed to fit the old Siegenia and Hautau tilt and slide patios as well as tilt turn windows. The tilt keep plate serves as a locking point for the tilt turn gearing’s bottom. It secures the bottom cam behind the keep, allowing the window or patio sliding door leaf opener to tilt out at the top while preventing the tilt turn sash opening at the outside frame’s base.

We created it with a universal base plate so it will fit most types of Upvc, timber, or even aluminium, but it may require either packing behind it to suit different profile systems or chopping back the existing frame profile with a sharp wooden chisel or craft knife. This item has secure locking points.


What You Will Receive:

1 X Patio stricker keep plate

This keep is sold in quantities of x1 and fixing screws are not included.


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