uPVC Window Sash Cavity Closing Wedge Draught Sealing 5 X Pairs

Upvc opening vent sash cavity sealing wedges in white and brown sold in packages of ten and produce five pairs. Pulls the sash and outer frame elements together on the hinge side of open windows to avoid bowing and draughts.



uPVC Window Sash Cavity Closing Wedge Draught Sealing Inserts Bags of 10 Makes 5 x Pairs In White & Brown Colors

  • Colour: Brown, White
  • Sold In: Bags of 10 = 5 x pairs
  • 2 size variations (see technical drawing)
  • Helps weather sealing and draughts
  • Pulls both the opening sash vent and outer frame parts together tightly onto the gasket seals
  • Fits both top hung & side hung windows

These cavity closing wedges are designed to aid in the correct closing position of the hinge side of the push out casement window, as well as in some circumstances where the window opener is not closing tightly enough onto the weather sealing gasket. The wedges are designed in such a way that when the two opposing sections come together, they tighten both the vent sash and the upvc outer frame.

Depending on the profiles used and how close the two components come together within the cavity once closed, a packing shim beneath may be required to draw the two parts together.


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