Maco Door Lock 35mm Backset Old Style Gear Box Centre Case 5STK

Just 35mm backset single spindle Maco door lock case gear box, fits full length Maco door locks. Maco employed this type of gearbox on their first 53431 5st & 5stk door locks, or 56231 on various versions of the lock label, but have since upgraded the gearing mechanism.



Maco 35mm Backset Gear Box Centre Door Lock Case Single Spindle Old 5STK 53431 or 56231 Match

  • Spindle to Key: 92mm
  • Backset: 35mm
  • Op Type: Lever/Lever single spindle option only
  • Locking Points: Connects to locking points
  • Faceplate Dimensions: 16mm or 20mm faceplates (faceplate not included)

What You Will Receive:

1 X Centre Gearbox


Note: Maco utilized this type of gearbox on their original door locks, but have subsequently (around mid 2010) upgraded the gearing mechanism. 5STK followed by a string of numbers was frequently imprinted on the gearbox label, and if yours has it, there’s a fair possibility it’s a match. A comparison of the detailed dimension graphic in our page listing, however, will be able to validate or deny this against your existing lock. The numbers after the 5STK refer to the type and combination of lock points and backset dimensions used by Maco. They are internal company batch codes, although they share the same gearbox, according to our listing.




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