Door Lock 2 Hook 45mm Backset 20mm Radius Faceplate

This is the Multipoint UPVC door locking mechanism with 2 Hooks 45mm Backset. It has a 20mm faceplate with radius ends and two downward-facing hooks. The faceplate may be labelled STV-F1660.



Door Lock 2 Hooks 45mm Backset Multipoint Door Lock Mechanism 20mm Radius Ends Faceplate

  • Spindle to Key: 92mm
  • Backset: 45mm
  • Op Type: Lever/Lever
  • Locking Points: 2 Hooks
  • Faceplate Dimension: 20mm with Radius ends

This is the split spindle version, which is compatible with Lever, Lever/Lever, and Pad handles. To suit the length of your door, the total length of the lock faceplate pictured can be chopped down at the ends with a hacksaw. The faceplate could be labelled STV-F1660.

Split spindle reversal is accomplished by sliding the round black cir-clip from one side to the other in the slot shown below to flip the internal to exterior as needed (a small flat screwdriver is the best tool).


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