uPVC Door Handle 240mm Screw Fix 92pz Heavy Duty Sprung 5 Colors

This is a full length sprung Upvc door handle with a pz of 92mm and screw fix centers of 240mm. The product has expanded attaching centers to accommodate earlier style systems and is 278mm long overall. It also includes a separate spring system to ensure that the handle stays upright. Fits doors with either a left or right handing.



Upvc Door Handle 92pz 240mm Screw Fix Centres Sprung 278mm Long Overall 5 Colour Finish

  • Spindle to Key: 92mm
  • Screw Centres: 240mm
  • Backplate Length: 278mm
  • Keyhole to Bottom Screw: 43mm
  • Backplate Width: 30mm
  • Backplate Depth: 12.5mm
  • Spindle Width: 8mm square
  • Spindle Lengths: Included x1 at 120mm
  • Screw Lengths: Included x2 at 80mm and x2 at 85mm
  • Colours: White, Satin Silver, Polished Gold, Polished Chrome, or Black

What You Will Receive:

1 X Pair of handles (1 internal & 1 external = a pair)

1 X Spindle at size shown above

2 X Pairs of fixing screws at sizes shown above

Universal: Fits both left or right handing of doors.

All prices shown are for a pair of door handles.


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