uPVC Door Bottom Threshold Rail Kick Strip 850mm Long Aluminium

Door strip that fits to the bottom upvc rail to avoid breaking and marking. It easily fits all types of doors, comes with screws, and is 850mm long in either gold or silver finish.



UPVC Door Aluminium Kick Bar Protection Strip Prevents Damage and Repairs Broken Threshold Bottom Rail in Gold or Silver

  • Color: Silver Matt Finished Aluminium Strip only. Gold is now obsolete.
  • Overall Length: 850mm (long enough to fit most doors over 1 metre width overall)
  • Overall Width: 22mm
  • Operation: Face fixed to external face of opening door using screws (4 number supplied & will require plate pre drilling to suit)
  • Comes complete with 4 optional fixing screws N:B for best results you may need to counter sink said screws into the alunimum plate as you wish.
  • Can easily be butted upto either end with another length of bar for overlarge apertures and french door openings
  • Sold in 850mm lengths only. Larger apertures will require an additional strip(s) which can be butted up to each other for longer coverage.

This product can be trimmed to fit your door size with a saw. The 850mm dimension is usually more than enough for even an over-sized door and can accommodate doors up to around 1 meter in total width.


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