uPVC Anglian Door Window Centre Seal Match Weather Rubber Gasket Seal

Anglian matching Upvc door center seal black gasket



Anglian Upvc Door & Window Weather Centre Seal Gasket Black Colour Rubber Heavy Duty uPvc Nitrile Seal

This gasket adds a weather performance seal and was commonly used on older Anglian Upvc residential door systems installed during the last few decades. When the opening door or window sash closes into the frame, it neatly seals up and onto this gasket, creating an additional weather seal to ensure that any water or air will not pass and ensuring the window or door openers achieve a very high weather performance.

Anglian employed this center seal on all of its windows and doors and insisted on an extra gasket to provide a high performance weather seal. Along with Anglian, there were a few other upvc systems that utilized a center seal weather gasket, and this gasket may be able to be replaced to restore the window or door to high weather resistance.

The Gasket is sold in 6mtr increments which is usually enough to do one standard sized door

  • Rubber gasket is quick and easy to fit
  • All the gaskets shown on this listing is sold in 6Mtr quantity increments and will be supplied in a continuous length. I:E order x2 = 12mtr length x3 = 18mtr and so on upto a maximum of 100 lin meters shorter increments are not available.
  • The rubber gasket is available in black color finish only
  • Easily cut to size with household scissors
  • Water tight and draught tight seal


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