Paddock WEL Mila Butt uPVC Door Hinge White Flat Plate

Butt Door Hinge Flat Plate White or Brown by WEL & Mila. The eccentric sidewinder screws on the hinge allow for some adjustability. Fits double glazed upvc doors. Fits into the square edge of the door sash and the outer frame. A pencil door hinge for upvc is another name for it. Mila formerly provided a large number of people.



Paddock WEL Mila Butt or Pencil Door Hinge Flat Plate White with Sidewinder Screws

  • Overall Length: 100mm
  • Overall Width: 16mm
  • Adjustable: Yes. Approx. 1-2mm max left to right via eccentric nylon bush (see detailed drawing for dimensions)
  • These hinges are universal and when you assemble them you simply spin them round to fit either the left or right handing of your door.

Paddock’s white WEL Pendulum door hinges enable modest adjustability via eccentric cams and are suitable for double glazed Upvc doors. Fits square-edged door sashes; component 1353 is for angled sashes.

What You Will Receive:

1 X Hinge

2 X Cover caps


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