Maco Inline uPVC Window Lock Rod 20mm Or 22mm Backset

Maco inline upvc window lock mechanism. The window lock rod has mushroom lock cams for high security locking.



Maco Inline Upvc Window Lock Rods 20mm & 22mm Back Set GR1 to GR5

  • Backset: 20mm & 22mm
  • Gearbox Mounted: Inline
  • Faceplate: 16mm Flat
  • Length: 400mm to 1200mm
  • Locking Point Type: Mushroom 7.7mm high
  • Number of Locking Points: GR1, GR2 & GR3 = 2  GR4 & GR5 = 3
  • The new lock cams have a Allen key hole in them which when you turn it will move the cams in and out approximately 1-2mm to adjust the window compression
  • The gearboxes are stamped Maco BS22 ( = 22mmbackset) or alternatively Maco BS20 (= 20mm backset)
  • N:B all Maco window locks are now silver plated finish to meet the band chemicals legislation once used to create the yellow chromatid finish


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