Hoppe Asgard Door Handle 203mm Screw Fix 92pz Old Everest Match

Hoppe Asgard Upvc door handle with 92mm PZ & 203mm screw fixings, previously used on residential doors by Everest & Anglian. The handle is not spring-loaded. Universal and suitable for both left and right-hand doors. White Matt anodised gold and Matt anodized silver are both available.

This handle was occasionally used on some of the older Everest door systems and had a lower 65mm screw fixing hole to the bottom fixing than most newer types.



Hoppe Asgard Door Handle 203mm Screw Fixing 92mm PZ Old Everest Anglian Door Handle Match in White, Gold, or Silver

  • Spindle to Key: 92mm
  • Screw Centres: 203mm
  • Backplate Length: 230mm
  • Keyhole to Bottom Screw: 65mm
  • Backplate Width: 28mm
  • Backplate Depth: 11mm
  • Spindle Width: 8mm square
  • Spindle Lengths: 1 at 130mm
  • Screw Lengths: 2 at 80mm (White and silver handles = silver head screws Gold handles = gold head screws)
  • Top Fixing Screw to Spindle: 48mm
  • 1 pair of spring cassettes included
  • Colours: White, Matt Anodised Gold, or Matt Anodised Silver options

What You Will Receive:

1 X Pair of handles (1 internal & 1 external = a pair)

1 X Spindle at size shown above

1 X Pairs of fixing screw at sizes shown above

1 X Pair of spring cassettes (1 pair = 2 spring cassettes)

This is an sprung pair of door handles (pair = 1 inside 1 outside). Includes spindle and fixing screws.

Universal: Fits both left or right handing of doors.


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