Glass uPVC Bridge Channel Packer Duraflex Everest

Duraflex Everest profile upvc bridge packers



Purpose Made Double Glazing Glass Upvc Bridge Channel Packer Duraflex Everest

These bridge packers are specifically designed to fit profile systems so that they neatly clip into place and stay in position, allowing any water penetration into the window or door through the glazing gaskets to pass below the bridge packer and out of the drainage system. The packers are shaped with channels under them to allow this to work, ensuring that no water touches the sealed glass units. Standard glazing packers are then used on top of this packer to properly fit the glass in place.

Our own high-quality fitting teams use it in the installation of windows, doors, and conservatories.

Number packs are available in increments of 20.

This packer can be used on Duraflex and Everest Upvc profiles, as well as other systems.
To allow the package to lay level on the profile and adhere with a contact adhesive, reduce the underneath of the packer legs or remove upstands on the frame. But, be sure to allow a gap for any water to run underneath and into the upvc drainage system.
Fits inside the outside frame as well as the opening sashes.


What you will receive: 

20 number bridge packers per quantity chosen


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