Gardinia Door Lock And Keep Plates M4 M5 Grub Screw Bolts Kit Bag 20

Replacement grub bolt screws adjustment pack of 20 nuts for Gardinia door latch striker maintain & lock gearbox. Replaces missing and broken grub screws previously installed in upvc door keeps, locks, and latch plates M4 and M5 bolt.



M4 & M5 Grub Bolt Screws Suits many Door Latch Keeps & Also Door Lock Gearbox Fixing Bolts Replacement Pack Of 20

  • Application: Holds door latch & keep strikers adjustment plates onto full lock plates.
  • Screw Diameter: 4.0mm & 5.0mm
  • Screw Length 8mm
  • Sold in bags of 20 ( 5 x M4 8mm long & 5 X 20mm Long Also 5 x M5 8mm long & 5 X 20mm Long bolts)
  • Philips head screws. Head is 9mm wide diameter countersunk flat head

Several of the earlier door lock plate keeps included a small grub screw bolt and nut that allowed the keep to be adjusted so that the opening sash could be dragged into the outside frame as needed. This upvc door latch keep bolt becomes loose over time as the door is opened and closed, and the nut goes down inside the upvc system, and the small bolt falls out, never to be seen again. These bolts were found specifically for such scenarios in order to restore the entire length of the keep plate.


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