Duraflex uPVC Window Cavity Closing Wedge Draught Sealing 5 X Pair

Duraflex Everest cavity wedge sealing closers white or black



Duraflex Everest uPVC Window Sash Cavity Closing Wedge Draught Sealing Inserts. Sold in Bags of 10 (Makes x5 Pairs) in White or Black Color Options.

  • Color: White or Black (WAS BROWN NOW BLACK)
  • Sold In: Bags of 10 (x5 pairs)
  • Helps weather sealing and draughts
  • Pulls both the opening sash vent and outer frame parts together tightly onto the gasket seals
  • Fits both top hung and side hung windows

The cavity closing wedges are designed to provide both the correct closing position of the hinge side of the push out casement window and, in some situations, to enable the window opener to close snugly onto the weather sealing gasket. The wedges are designed in such a way that when the two opposing sections come together, they tighten both the vent sash and the upvc outer frame.

Depending on the profiles used and how close the two components come together within the cavity once closed, a packing shim beneath may be required to draw the two parts together.

The Duraflex profile matching cavity locking wedges displayed here are also compatible with many other brands of upvc profiles, and by looking at the dimensions, you should be able to determine whether your window system will be able to accommodate them to achieve a weather tight seal. Everest also employed the Duraflex upvc profile system over the years, thus they may be acceptable as a retrofit repair item as well.

Fitting tip: Insert the first half of the wedge into the euro-groove slot on the opening sash, then mark the center of this onto the sash’s edge so that you may transfer it to the outside frame to align the fixing point for the opposing wedge. It is always important double-checking that the two profiles are level and not bent out of shape, as this may cause the two pieces to misalign and actually widen the gap rather than close it.

Screws for installation are not supplied.

What you will receive: 

1 X Pack of 10 (x5 pairs) in color as chosen


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