Trojan Stallion uPVC Window Lock Gear Box Scholes Selecta WP Match

The Trojan Stallion Millenco gearbox was widely used as a UPVC window lock on various UPVC window systems, and it is the same one that Scholes & Selecta uses on a huge number of their windows. They frequently had their name imprinted on the faceplate. N:B This Window Gearbox is a straight replacement match and is made by us. It is stamped WP.



Trojan Stallion Window Lock Centre Gear Box Scholes & Selecta Windows WP Match.

This is our WP stamped matching Trojan Stallion gearbox that we designed as a genuine match replacement and can be replaced by removing the shootbolt arms from each end of the drive gearbox and connecting them to the new one in the same manner. This gearbox comes with the top cover plate and has a 22mm backset. The distance between the handle screw holes is 43mm. It was extremely usual to discover the fabricator’s name rather than the Trojan Stallion mark stamped on the top faceplate cover.

RH (right hand) is stamped on one side, LH (left hand) is stamped on the other (Left hand) Just rotate it around to fit your preferred handle operation.


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