Trojan Blank External uPVC Door Handle Cover Plate No Hole Metal

External UPVC door handle cover plates that are blank to cover over the door cylinder escutcheon when no cylinder is required on the exterior.



Trojan Upvc Door Handle Blank Cover Plates to Cover Over Cylinder Escutcheon Holes Where No Cylinder is Required

  • Colors: White, Polished Gold or Polished Chrome
  • Screw Fixing Dimension: 123mm short version or 211mm long version
  • Depth: 10mm
  • Made from a solid metal alloy and has a high long lasting weather resistant coating

There is an option between the conventional (short) 123mm screw fixing and the long 211mm fixing holes found on the majority of door knobs. To strengthen security, the blanking plate is utilized to cover over the cylinder drilled holes.

Universal: Fits doors with either a left or right handed.


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