PVC Window Drainage Drip Caps Weep Hole Cover

These drainage caps are useful if the drain caps that came with your uPVC windows have been lost or broken.

These Drain Caps are perfect for replacing missing or broken drainage caps (cowls or covers) on PVC windows and doors. The covers are designed to fit standard size drainage slots in most uPVC windows and measure 39.5 mm wide x 11.7 mm high.



It is available in:

White: For use with white uPVC windows.
Brown: For uPVC windows in Rosewood and Mahogany.
Tan: For uPVC windows in Oak and Light Oak finishes.
Black: for uPVC windows in black and black/brown.


What’s Included?

1 x Pack of 2 Drain Hole Covers / Drainage Caps


Width 37.5 mm
Height 11.7 mm
Depth 8mm
Feet depth 7mm
5 mm between legs (outside)


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